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CCAC Certification

GAP certificate

An institution's animal care and use program is certified every three years based on institutional compliance with CCAC policy statements and guidelines and other CCAC-recognized standards.

A CCAC Certificate of GAP – Good Animal Practice® is earned by institutions which:

  • participate fully in the CCAC Program
  • have been assessed by assessment panels composed of scientists, veterinarians and community representatives
  • have been found by the panel and by the CCAC Assessment and Certification Committee to have standards of experimental animal care and use which satisfy the CCAC's guidelines and policy statements

View the Timeline for CCAC Certification.

Requirements Regarding a CCAC Certificate of GAP – Good Animal Practice®:

Certificate Holders

The institutions named below have formally authorized the CCAC to include their names on this list, updated on a regular basis. The absence of an institution's name on the list does not imply that this institution is not assessed by the CCAC, nor does it imply that the institution is not a certificate holder.

The CCAC is very pleased to present this list of institutions which recognizes significant achievement in experimental animal care and use.