Development of Peer-Based Guidelines

CCAC guidelines are developed in response to current and emerging issues for the research community, advances in laboratory animal care, and the needs of the CCAC Assessment and Certification Program.

The development of new CCAC guidelines documents is prioritized by the CCAC Standards Committee according to established criteria. Constituents of the CCAC are invited to submit suggestions of areas in need of guidelines to the . Each request should be accompanied by a rationale for the required guidelines.

For each new guidelines document to be developed, a subcommittee of experts on the topic to be covered is established according to the standard operating procedure on formation of guidelines subcommittees. These experts work together in accordance with terms of reference for guidelines subcommittees to produce a CCAC guidelines document that is based on expert peer advice and current interpretation of scientific evidence, and has received extensive peer review.

The Standards Committee reviews draft guidelines documents at various stages in the process to ensure they are consistent with CCAC policy statements and other guidelines. When a draft guidelines document has been completed to the satisfaction of the subcommittee and the Standards Committee, the final draft is placed before CCAC Board of Directors for approval to publish.

Review process for standards development