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About the CCAC

Vision, Mission, and Mandate


The highest standards of animal ethics and care are valued and assured in all animal-based science conducted throughout Canada.


The CCAC works to ensure that animal-based science in Canada takes place only when necessary and that the animals in the studies receive optimal care according to high quality, research-informed standards.


Acting in the interest of the people of Canada, the CCAC advances animal ethics and care in science by:

  • developing science-informed standards that incorporate expert opinion, the values of Canadians, and strategies to reduce the need for, and harm of, animals in science, while promoting their wellbeing;
  • encouraging the implementation of the highest standards of ethics and care for animals in science in collaboration with the animal care community and scientists across Canada;
  • providing assessment and certification programs that empower scientific institutions in achieving high standards of animal ethics and care; and
  • providing education, training, and networking opportunities to support individuals, animal care committees, and institutions in implementing our guidelines and sharing best practices in the oversight of animal ethics and care in science.