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March 12, 2019

The CCAC Publishes FAQs for Animal Care Committees

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) has published three frequently asked questions (FAQ) documents for animal care committees and their certified institutions.

The first document, CCAC frequently asked questions: Assessment and certification, is a quick overview of the CCAC's Assessment and Certification program. The CCAC continues to work towards streamlining the certification process and making it as efficient and straight-forward as possible. This document answers some of the initial questions a newly certified institution may have, as well as providing guidance for the selection of community representatives and overseeing work undertaken on third party premises such as farms.

The second document, CCAC frequently asked questions: Animal-based projects involving two or more institutions, was created to clarify certain aspects of the CCAC policy on: animal-based projects involving two or more institutions (2003), which provides the framework for institutions to follow when developing a process for animal-based collaborative work. As collaborative projects within the research community have increased, so too have the concerns related to the responsibilities of individual animal care committees to oversee these projects, particularly in regard to post-approval monitoring.

The third document, CCAC frequently asked questions: Scientific merit and ethical review of animal-based research, was recently revised to assist with questions in regard to the CCAC policy statement on: scientific merit and ethical review of animal-based research (2013). The two questions added to this document are:

  • Does animal-based research linked to start-up funds require scientific peer review?
  • What if two reviewers have conflicting conclusions?

All CCAC policies and related documents can be found on the Policies and Prerequisites page of the CCAC website, under the section Certification — About Certification. Thank you for your ongoing collaboration in ensuring high standards of animal ethics and care at your institution.

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