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April 4, 2019

CCAC Publishes New Guidelines on Nonhuman Primates

Chimpanze face on the cover of the Nonhuman Primates Guidelines

The CCAC guidelines: Nonhuman primates document is now available. Building on the abridged version of the guidelines published in 2018, the document provides a framework for the implementation of evidence-based practices aimed at improving animal welfare.

The guidelines provide information for investigators, animal care committees, facility managers, veterinarians, and animal care staff to help facilitate improvement in both the care given to nonhuman primates and the manner in which experimental procedures are carried out. The document is based on expert peer advice and current interpretation of scientific evidence, and has received extensive peer review.

The CCAC would like to thank all of the volunteer experts who participated in the development of this guidelines document, as well as the abridged version. Your insights and expertise are deeply valued and we truly appreciate the important role you play in the development of CCAC's high standards for animal ethics and care in Canadian science.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to directly.

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