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June 27, 2019

CCAC Satisfaction Survey Results

In late fall 2018, the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) launched a widespread survey to stakeholders to better understand the needs of our community and to garner feedback on a number of topics including engagement, communication, CCAC programs (standards, training, and assessment and certification), and overall satisfaction. A total of 322 responses in English and in French were received over a one-month period from various CCAC stakeholder groups.

Responses to most of the topics surveyed confirm that, overall, stakeholders are satisfied and believe that we are meeting our mission and mandate. The following are highlights from our survey results.

Engagement and Communication

The majority of respondents feel engaged with the CCAC through email communiqués, participation on committees and during institutional assessment visits, and are overall satisfied with the current content, frequency, and dissemination methods of CCAC's communications.

In regard to the CCAC's mandate, the majority of respondents believe that it is well understood among their animal science communities; however, the CCAC's role could be better understood by the general public.

CCAC Programs

Guidelines, policies, and standards were ranked as the most important facet of the CCAC programs by the majority of respondents. Most find the CCAC guidelines to be helpful and they consult them regularly.

The majority of respondents also agreed that CCAC certification is tangible evidence that their institution's animal ethics and care program complies with high ethical standards.

In terms of CCAC training resources, most respondents agreed that online modules and webinars were most beneficial. The majority of respondents expressed an interest in good animal practices, animal ethics, endpoints, guidelines, and refinement techniques as training topics for future consideration.

Overall Satisfaction

Overall, the majority of respondents said that they speak positively of the CCAC and describe their view of the CCAC's work with an increased or consistent level of confidence.

Your Feedback Matters!

A number of initiatives are currently underway to address concerns identified within the survey, such as improving communications and collaboration methods, continued updates to guidelines, policies, and training materials, and planning for future website improvements. We will share more information on these activities as they progress and are committed to the continued collection of feedback from various stakeholder groups. Feedback from this survey will also be integral in identifying priorities and setting strategic goals for our 2020-2025 strategic plan.

We would like to thank all respondents to the survey, and everyone who has provided feedback to the CCAC throughout the years. We value your input and recognize it as a key element to our success.

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