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May 6, 2020

New and Revised Assessment and Certification Documents

The Requirement for submitting an animal protocol: Addendum to the CCAC policy statement on terms of reference for animal care committees has been updated to include several new definitions of animal-based activities, and to clearly define which animal-based activities require protocol review, and which are exempt.

Animal-based community outreach activities are one of the new subjects addressed in the document. The CCAC has developed the Oversight of Animal-Based Community Outreach Activities Form for instructors to submit to their animal care committee prior to any research or teaching animal involvement in this type of activity. For other animals used in community outreach activities, the CCAC encourages institutions to have a policy, understanding, or agreement in place that sets conditions and expectations for keeping animals for purposes other than research, teaching, or testing.

Two frequently asked questions documents have also been updated. The CCAC frequently asked questions: Animal ethics and care program components has been updated with information explaining the CCAC’s expectations for institutions and animal care committees with regard to different animal-based activities. The CCAC frequently asked questions: Animal-based projects involving two or more institutions has been updated to provide more information on what constitutes collaborative work under the CCAC policy on: animal-based projects involving two or more institutions.

These documents can be found on the Policies page of the CCAC website, under the section Guidelines and Policies. Other related documents can be found on the Resources page.

Thank you for your ongoing collaboration in ensuring high standards of animal ethics and care at your institution.

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