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June 10, 2020

Contribute to the Review of the CCAC’s Animal Use Data Instructions Document

The draft Instructions for Completion of the CCAC Animal Use Data Form is now .

The CCAC Animal Use Data Form (AUDF) allows the CCAC to collect information on animal use in Canadian science. Publication of this data is vital for public accountability and transparency, and contributes to a better understanding of scientific animal use in research, teaching, and testing in Canada.

In 2016, the Animal Data Working Group was appointed by the CCAC Board of Directors to examine the current animal data collection and reporting process and made a series of recommendations. The Secretariat has operationalized these recommendations and revised the Instructions for Completion of the CCAC Animal Data Form accordingly. The draft instructions document describes the changes to the types of information being collected by the CCAC, and how the data should be reported. These changes will improve public accountability and transparency regarding the use of animals.

This draft document has been circulated for an initial, limited review by animal care committee coordinators, and is now ready for public review by our community.

The CCAC recognizes that institutions will have to considerably modify the way they collect data, and that they will require time to adjust their existing data collections systems. These factors will be taken into consideration during the preparation of the final draft of the instructions document.

We encourage you to share this draft with others, or to collaboratively review it with your colleagues. Please note that the draft document you receive will likely undergo significant changes prior to final approval and publication.

To request a copy of the Instructions for Completion of the CCAC Animal Data Form, please . Please forward your comments by July 10, 2020.

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