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October 1, 2020

Call for Expert Reviewers for the CCAC Guidelines on Fish

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) is seeking volunteer experts to review the CCAC guidelines on: the care and use of fish in research, teaching and testing (2005). The reviewers will provide expert peer advice on the content of the guidelines document and on current interpretation of scientific evidence that has emerged since its publication. This feedback will help determine whether a full revision of the document is necessary.

In keeping with the CCAC’s transparent and inclusive nomination process, we would like to open this opportunity to all stakeholders to recommend public representatives and qualified fish experts (scientists, veterinarians, animal facility managers, animal care technicians, and animal welfare scientists) who may be suitable candidates.

The final list of reviewers will be selected by the CCAC Governance and Nominations Committee and our Board of Directors, who will ensure that the collective expertise of the group covers the scope of the document.

Please submit a nomination package for any suitable candidates (including contact information, a biography, short CV, and statement of interest) to the CCAC Secretariat at by October 30, 2020. Self-nominations are also accepted.

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