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May 12, 2022

Two-Year Moratorium on Automatic Probations Related to CCAC Reportable Animal Welfare Incidents

The Canadian Council on Animal Care’s CCAC policy: Certification of ethical animal care and use programs indicates that certified institutions must notify the CCAC of a reportable animal welfare incident within 14 days (2 weeks) of occurrence. Failure to notify the CCAC of this type of incident will lead to a major recommendation or the assignment of a serious recommendation and a probationary certificate when the CCAC becomes aware of the incident through other means.

Following consultation with its stakeholders, the CCAC is instituting a moratorium on automatic probations related to late notifications of reportable animal welfare incidents, which will allow certified institutions time to implement internal processes that ensure all required information related to these incidents is appropriately documented. Effective immediately, this moratorium will remain in place until April 21, 2024. The CCAC does, however, reserve the right to confer a probationary certificate in certain situations where the institution has received serious recommendations.

Should you have any questions regarding CCAC reportable animal welfare incidents, please .

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