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Animals Used in Science

Understanding Animal Use

Where Are These Animals Studied?

From national parks, where ecologists examine wildlife populations, to veterinary colleges, where students learn to treat companion animals, to biomedical laboratories, where researchers develop new vaccines, the CCAC and its network of volunteer experts work to ensure and enhance the ethical care and use of animals in science.

The majority of Canadian organizations conducting animal-based science are CCAC-certified, and the CCAC continually strives to bring all institutional animal-based science programs under its umbrella, thereby ensuring high and consistent ethical standards for animal care and use in science throughout the country. Canadian institutions earn a CCAC Certificate of GAP – Good Animal Practice® by maintaining high standards of ethical animal care and use in their scientific studies.

For a better idea of which Canadian institutions currently hold a valid Certificate of GAP – Good Animal Practice®, consult the list of CCAC-certified Institutions.