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Certification Process

Implementation Report

The senior administrator responsible for an institution's animal care and use program must submit an implementation report (or reports) to the CCAC that thoroughly and clearly addresses all recommendations before the dates specified in the assessment report. Institutions are typically given three months to respond to a serious recommendation and six months to respond to a regular recommendation. Major recommendations require an immediate response.

The implementation report is reviewed by the assessment panel that participated in the assessment and by the CCAC Assessment and Certification Committee. Where the institutional response is based on new, revised, or draft documents, these are to be included with the implementation report.

If the recommendations are not addressed completely, the CCAC will request additional or updated information and a special visit may be conducted, if necessary. Unsatisfactory responses, or the absence of a response, can lead to a probationary certification and certificate removal (see the CCAC policy: Certification of ethical animal care and use programs).

Compliant institutions are recertified every three years.