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Guidelines and Policies

Guidelines in Development

The CCAC works to ensure that its guidelines documents are timely and relevant, and informed by expert peer advice, national and international knowledge, and Canadian values. The Three Rs, a widely accepted tenet of ethical animal care and use, is at the heart of the CCAC’s standards, encouraging institutions to implement replacement, reduction, and refinement practices in their work.

The CCAC is currently developing guidelines on the topics listed below. We encourage you to become a reviewer and contribute to the development of high ethical standards of animal care and use in science throughout Canada.

Upcoming Guidelines

  • Euthanasia (replaces Euthanasia of animals used in science, 2010)
  • Farm animals (replaces Farm animals, 2009)
  • Ferrets (replaces Ferrets, 1984)
  • Protocol review (replaces Protocol review, 1997)
  • Procurement (replaces Procurement of animals, 2007)

Development of First Draft

Development of Second Draft

Public Review

Development of Final Draft

  • Dogs (replaces Dogs, 1984)
  • End of study (new)
  • Ethics (replaces Ethics of animal investigation, 1989)
  • Experimental procedures, Part A (replaces several chapters within Volume 1 of the Guide)
  • Experimental procedures, Part B (replaces several chapters within Volume 1 of the Guide)
  • Facilities (replaces Laboratory Animal Facilities, 2003)
  • Fish (replaces Fish, 2005)
  • Reptiles (replaces Reptiles, 1984)

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