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Guidelines and Policies

Guidelines in Development

Subcommittee Formation

When the CCAC Standards Committee identifies a need to develop or revise a guidelines document, it makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors. Upon approval by the board, a subcommittee of experts is set up in accordance with the following process.


Each subcommittee consists of a chair and members who are experts in one or more areas pertinent to the guidelines document. The number of subcommittee members is determined by the scope of the area of interest, with consideration given to the range of expertise required, and the need to provide a balanced representation of perspectives (animal welfare specialists, community representatives, facility managers, scientists, veterinarians, and technicians), institution size, gender, and geographic location. One member is also drawn from the Standards Committee.

Selection of Members

CCAC member organizations, board, and Secretariat, as well as professional societies and research programs, may all suggest candidates with the appropriate expertise and qualifications to serve on the subcommittee. Each potential candidate must be knowledgeable in one or more aspects of the guidelines document. The name, a brief biography, statement of interest and a short CV of each suggested candidate is then forwarded to the Governance and Nominations Committee for consideration. The committee selects the most suitable candidates to serve on the subcommittee and ensures that the collective expertise of the subcommittee covers all relevant aspects of the topic.

The Governance and Nominations Committee forwards the list of potential subcommittee members to the board for approval, and identifies the most suitable chair for the subcommittee. Once approved, the candidates are invited by the Chair of the board and the executive director to serve on the subcommittee. All successful candidates must agree to perform the duties described in the CCAC terms of reference: Guidelines Subcommittees.

Changes in Composition

If, at any time, the subcommittee chair and Secretariat staff determine that the subcommittee lacks expertise in a particular area, the Governance and Nominations Committee may seek additional experts in accordance with the selection process noted above. Similarly, if a member requests to be removed from the subcommittee, a replacement will be sought in accordance with the process noted above.