CCAC National Workshop 2015

The CCAC National Workshop 2015 was held in Montreal, QC on May 30, 2015.

We hope you had a rewarding and positive experience at the CCAC National Workshop 2015. Your participation in this year's event contributed to the ongoing enhancement of animal ethics and care in Canadian science.

This national event gives us the opportunity to connect with the CCAC's extensive and diverse community, and we thank you for joining us.

Workshop Photo Gallery

Follow this link to view the full workshop photo gallery. To access the gallery, use the username and password provided to you via email.

A national workshop session

Session Presentations

For all those interested in exploring the session presentations further, we have provided downloadable PDFs of each presentation when applicable. To access these files, please use the username and password provided to you via email.


ACC Site Visits, Dr. Craig Bihun
Visite des animaleries par le CPA, Dr. Gilles Demers

CO2 Euthanasia, Dr. Dan Weary
Euthanasie au CO2, Dr. Jim Gourdon

Alternatives in Teaching, Dr. Mark Torchia
Solutions de rechange pour l'enseignement, Dr. Jean-Marc Guillemette and Dr. Tatiana Scorza

Challenges and Opportunities for the Modern ACC, Dr. Denna Benn
CPA 101, Dr. René St-Arnaud

Post-Approval Monitoring, Dr. Craig Wilkinson
Suivi post-approbation, Ms. Suzanne Smith

Endpoints, Dr. Patricia Turner
Points limites, Mr. Christian Demers


Communications, Mr. Andy Torr
Communications, Ms. Pascale Belleau

New Guidelines, Dr. Patricia Turner
Nouvelles lignes directrices, Dr. Nicolas Devillers

Animal Use Data, Dr. Andrew Winterborn
Données sur l'utilisation des animaux, Ms. Suzanne Smith