October 25, 2018

Call for Members: CCAC Membership Task Force

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) is currently looking for member organization representatives to volunteer on the newly created CCAC Membership Task Force. This task force was established following the CCAC Annual General Meeting 2018, after a discussion with member organization representatives on diversifying and increasing the size of our membership.

The task force will be comprised of member organization representatives and Board of Directors members, and tasked with the following mandate:

  • determine what composition of membership best reflects Canadian society;
  • assess the state of the current membership and their level of satisfaction and involvement, and the benefits of CCAC membership;
  • establish recruitment criteria and processes;
  • assess the financial impact of adding members, and consult with the CCAC membership on the possibility of a membership fee or other forms of financial support; and
  • develop recruitment priorities and plans.

The task force will be comprised of a chairperson and at least four other members, with representation from the Board and member representatives who reflect, to the greatest extent possible, the diversity of the CCAC membership. At least two committee members should be member representatives and at least one committee member should come from the animal welfare community. Please access the task force's terms of reference for further information.

All task force members will be appointed to serve up to two years and should be committed to ensuring the steady progress of the task force's mandate. Task force members will work mostly through email and teleconference.

The final composition of the task force will be selected by the CCAC Governance and Nominations Committee, who will ensure that it is representative of our membership.

We would be grateful if you could forward your name, biography, and a two- to four-page CV to the CCAC Secretariat at by November 9, 2018.