October 4, 2018

Call for Representatives of the Canadian Public and Animal Welfare Scientists

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) is currently recruiting representatives of the Canadian public and animal welfare scientists to serve on a number of CCAC guidelines subcommittees. Inclusion of these viewpoints will ensure input from the broader community in the guidelines development process.

Representatives of the Canadian Public
The intent of this role is to provide the viewpoint of someone who has never worked with animals in science but who can speak as a citizen primarily concerned about why and how animals are used in science (i.e. community representatives on animal care committees). These individuals should have a good general sense of public perspectives and concerns about animal-based research, teaching, or testing.

Animal Welfare Scientists (Applied Ethologists)
The intent of this role is to provide the perspective of someone who has received an advanced degree in animal welfare, and thus is qualified to inform the subcommittee about the expected impact that any particular aspect of the guidelines would have on the welfare of animals. This individual would not use animals for science, although they may be studying the impact of scientific activities (housing, procedures, etc.) on the welfare of animals. Their work should not be impacted by the outcome of the guidelines.

At the present time, the CCAC is looking for nominations of representatives of the Canadian public and animal welfare scientists for the following guidelines development subcommittees:

  • Amphibians
  • Categories of Invasiveness
  • Ethics Principles
  • Experimental Procedures A (Administration of Substances and Removal of Bodily Fluids and Tissues)
  • Experimental Procedures B (Analgesia, Anesthesia, and Surgery)
  • Reptiles
  • Wildlife
  • Zebrafish and Other Common, Small, Warm Water, Laboratory Fish

Should you have any questions as to the expertise or qualifications required of the groups mentioned above, please do not hesitate to .

Subcommittee members are expected to serve a maximum two-year term, and should be committed to ensuring the steady progress of the guidelines document as outlined in their respective timelines.

Please submit a nomination package (including a biography, short CV, statement of interest, and contact information) to the CCAC Secretariat at by November 9, 2018. Self-nominations are also accepted.