May 7, 2018

The CCAC Celebrates 50th Anniversary with New Logo

New CCAC logo

In celebration of our 50th anniversary, the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) is pleased to launch our new logo, which was unveiled to member organization representatives at our May 4, 2018 annual general meeting. The organization's historical colour palette was also lightly updated, with fresh new shades of blue, grey, and a splash of orange, which invoke a collaborative and professional presence.

"We have had the same logo since our inception in 1968," said Dr. Eileen Denovan-Wright, Chair of the CCAC Board of Directors. "While it has served us well, a lot has changed in 50 years and this new logo will best help reflect these changes."

Mr. Pierre Verreault, Executive Director of the CCAC, said that "while it is important to celebrate our golden anniversary, this milestone also gives the CCAC an opportunity to chart its path forward. We have been doing this in our guidelines process and in our assessment and certification program, ensuring that we maintain a high standard of animal ethics and care in Canada. Now, our new logo can illustrate this, by reflecting our mandate and our vision for the future. We hope everyone is as drawn to the new look as much as we are."