June 26, 2018

The CCAC Publishes Resources for Animal Care Committees

The CCAC has published two reference documents for animal care committees, and has revised the CCAC policy: Recommendations made in CCAC assessment reports.

The first reference document, Requirement for submitting an animal protocol: Addendum to the CCAC policy statement on terms of reference for animal care committees, was created to help animal care committee members and those working with animals in science determine which animal-based activities require an animal protocol be submitted to, and approved by, an animal care committee. The document states that all proposed animal-based research, teaching, and testing activities must be clearly described in an animal protocol, and approved by an institutional animal care committee before any animal-based work begins. Exceptions to this requirement are also clearly listed.

The second reference document, Guidance for animal care committee members conducting annual site visits, highlights the need for consistency and thoroughness in every animal care committee site visit and in the follow-up recommendations stemming therefrom. The document includes a visit checklist that covers, among other things, facilities and maintenance, biosecurity, health and safety, and waste disposal, and acts as a starting point for institutions to create their own checklists.

Finally, the CCAC policy: Recommendations made in CCAC assessment reports was revised to reflect that institutions must implement all CCAC recommendations to the satisfaction of both the Assessment and Certification Committee and the CCAC Board of Directors.

All CCAC policies and related documents can be found on the CCAC website. Thank you for your ongoing collaboration in ensuring high standards of animal ethics and care at your institution.