November 20, 2018

Updated FAQs on Pedagogical Merit

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) has revised the document Frequently asked questions: Pedagogical merit of live animal-based teaching and training. Changes made to the document include the following:

  • Additional information in Question 3: "Who can participate in pedagogical merit?
  • More detailed information in Question 6: "What is the process for pedagogical merit review?"
  • Revised information in Question 11: "Who makes the final decision with regard to animal involvement in teaching and training protocols?"
  • New Question 12: "Why not combine the pedagogical merit review process with the ethical review process?"
  • New Question 13: "What is the relationship between pedagogical merit review, ethical review, and the Three Rs?"

This document can be found on the CCAC website in the Certification - About Certification section, under the Policies and Prerequisites tab. Thank you for your ongoing collaboration in ensuring high standards of animal ethics and care at your institution.