July 30, 2020

Call for Representatives of the Canadian Public

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) is currently seeking representatives of the Canadian public to serve on a number of CCAC guidelines subcommittees. Inclusion of public viewpoints will ensure input from the broader community in the guidelines development process.

The intent of the role of a representative of the Canadian public is to provide the viewpoint of someone who has never worked with animals in science but who can speak as a citizen primarily concerned about why and how animals are used in science (e.g., community representatives on animal care committees). These individuals should have a good general sense of public perspectives and concerns about animal-based research, teaching, and testing.

At the present time, the CCAC is looking for nominations for representatives to participate on the following guidelines development subcommittees:

  • small mammals;
  • euthanasia;
  • antibody production;
  • cats and ferrets; and
  • bats.

Should you have any questions about the expertise or qualifications required of the subcommittees mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact , Director of Standards.

Subcommittee members are expected to serve a maximum two-year term, and should be committed to ensuring the steady progress of the guidelines document as outlined in their respective timelines.

Please submit a nomination package (including a biography, short CV, statement of interest, and contact information) to the CCAC Secretariat at by August 28, 2020. Self-nominations are also accepted.