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Appropriate training for all personnel involved in animal-based research and teaching is an essential component of any institutional animal care and use program. The CCAC supports program participants and provides tools and training opportunities to ensure the implementation of high standards of ethical animal care and use in science. All personnel involved in animal-based research and teaching must be competent and adequately trained in the principles of animal care and use.

There are many different roles within each institutional animal care and use program: animal-based research or teaching positions (investigators, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, veterinarians, and research staff), animal health professionals, animal care committee members, and institutional officials (senior administrators). Each of these groups has very different training requirements and the CCAC hosts a variety of events, such as its national workshops and webinars, and develops training modules to assist in meeting these needs and to support the implementation of its standards.

Please note:
The training requirements and the competencies of those using animals in science are to be determined by institutional animal care committees, together with those responsible for training and with the institution's senior administrator.