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National Workshops » CCAC National Workshop 2019

CCAC National Workshop 2019 - Participants

Official banner of the CCAC National Workshop 2019

We hope you had a rewarding experience at the CCAC National Workshop 2019. This national event gives us the opportunity to connect with our extensive and diverse community, and we thank you for joining us. Your participation in this year's event contributed to the ongoing enhancement of animal ethics and care in Canadian science.

Until we meet again in Toronto for the CCAC National Workshop 2020, we invite you to revisit the session presentations from this year's workshop (available in PDF format), and access the photo gallery. Please use the username and password provided to you via email (if you did not receive your login credentials, please contact us at ).

Session Presentations

Attendees of the CCAC National Workshop 2019 can explore the session presentations further by viewing the PDFs of the presentations (where available).


How Do We Know What Animals Feel: The Science and the Challenges
Dr. Daniel Weary, University of British Columbia

Application of the Three Rs to Achieve a More Clinical Trial-Like Model Strengthens Translation and Improves Animal Well-Being
Dr. Melanie Graham, University of Minnesota

Breakout Sessions

Pedagogical Merit Review: How's It Going?
Dr. Jennifer Lapierre, University of Toronto

Animal Welfare Assessment, Endpoints, Categories of Invasiveness
Dr. David Hanwell, University of Toronto

Changes to the Annual Animal Data Collection and Reporting Process
Mr. Rhain Louis, University of Toronto

Guidance on Air Quality
Dr. Badru Moloo, University Health Network

Three Welfare Risks in Aquatic Facilities That Should Alarm Animal Care Committee Members
Mr. John Batt, Dalhousie University

Replacement Alternatives in a 3rd Year Animal Physiology Lab Course: Using Invertebrates
Dr. Agnes Lacombe, University of British Columbia

Snails as a Replacement Alternative for Undergraduate Research in Biological Psychology
Dr. Karen Atkinson-Leadbeater, Mount Royal University

Benefits of Transparency
Dr. Helen M. Burt, University of British Columbia

Dr. Toni Bayans, University of Alberta

Replacement Alternatives in Teaching Workshop
Dr. Elisabeth Ormandy, Animals in Science Policy Institute

Workshop Photo Gallery

View the full workshop photo gallery.

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