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The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) works closely with certified institutions to ensure they have a crisis management plan in place for their animal ethics and care program, including animal facilities. Animal care is an essential service, and safeguards must be in place to minimize any negative impact on animal health and welfare.

The responsibility inherent in holding animals in CCAC-certified institutions is a shared one. Although veterinary and animal care staff are on the front line managing the consequences of COVID-19, senior administrators, researchers, and instructors have an important role to play in supporting the work of veterinarians and technicians as they minimize the impact on the health and welfare of animals. This support is also essential in maintaining the health and well-being of frontline animal care personnel.

In keeping with its public accountability mandate, the CCAC is requesting that institutions report any changes to animal use as a result of COVID-19 within three months of occurrence.

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