the CCAC

Programs and Operations

The CCAC delivers its mandate through complementary and mutually supportive elements: Standards, Assessment and Certification, Public Affairs and Communications and Operations.

Standards Program

The Standards Program is responsible for developing reference standards, championing the principles of Three Rs, achieving international harmonization, and establishing national and international credibility.

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Assessment and Certification Program

The Assessment and Certification Program serves as a quality assurance system through the assessment and certification of individual institutions and organizations that use animals for research, teaching, testing or for the production of animals or biologics for scientific purposes. It is peer-based, and involves scientists, veterinarians, community representatives, administrators and animal health technicians working together to ensure that animals being used in research, teaching and testing are being cared for and used appropriately.

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Public Affairs and Communications

Public Affairs and Communications is responsible for improving the efficiency of communications with CCAC stakeholders, including CCAC-certified institutions, member organizations, the media and the public. It also provides publication services to other programs, assisting in the production and dissemination of official publications and announcements.


Operations is responsible for managing the human, financial and operational resources of the CCAC. It oversees the internal administrative procedures necessary to ensure and support seamless and effective organizational performance and delivery of the CCAC Program.