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Assessment and Certification

Assessment team

The CCAC assesses and certifies animal care and use programs of organizations conducting animal-based work in research, teaching, testing or production (of animals or biologics) for scientific purposes.

An institution's animal care and use program is certified every three years based on institutional compliance with CCAC policy statements and guidelines and other CCAC-recognized standards.

The keystone to the CCAC Assessment and Certification Program is the local animal care committee (ACC) set up by each participating institution according to the CCAC policy statement on: terms of reference for animal care committees.

Each program of participating institutions is subject to regular peer review by the CCAC, which involves an assessment of the institutional animal care and use program structure, the effectiveness of an institution's ACC to oversee all animal care and use, and the appropriateness of its animal facilities, practices and procedures. Assessment visits are carried out by CCAC assessment panels.

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